Greetings, and welcome to Nick Altiere Photography.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I like to think of myself as an artist, photographer, thinker, observer, and teacher. Today I find myself nestled up just outside of Boulder, Colorado and in the presence of the great Rocky Mountains. I have my degree from University of Colorado, Boulder majoring in Film. Although my studies have included film theory, critic, production, animation, art history, drawing/illustration, and painting, I have found a calling behind the lens of the still camera. I work as a freelance photographer by day, but my true calling is in fine art, I prefer to capture the natural world, the spaces we inhabit and the objects we use. Recently in my work I find myself engaged in a wide verity of genres from exploring human sexuality to abstract expressions of the mind to the landscapes that dominate our planet and I am loving every second.


If you are interested in information or purchasing a Fine Art print, please contact me!  I do have a print catalogue in the works, and should be available shortly, Thanks for your patience.